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Magic Spell

What is love
if i saw your face but you seemed to fade
wet down the rain but your heart just dry

you’re a dream
come once in a while in the mist blue
you’re a symptom
spread over my vein to the bottom
no cure can ever heal, not from the pain

your face flashing the wind
your voice whisper deeply in mind
keep on remembering you
ever the love exist at all

is there a magic spell you cast upon me
or does a hand of God that cursed me

i am desperate, crazy in this lonesome dark
berserk in your way of mind

this must be a spell you cast in my dream
just between the mist the all blue i seen

fairy voices around and i’m lost
within your fantasy, unrealism fidelity
singin’ some sweet lullabies
keep me dreaming….

will your hands be there when i’m awake
or will you just fade among the dew

  1. Wilfrid
    Wilfrid January 14, 2010 Reply

    This is beautiful! If I ever need a lyricist to collaborate, I know who to ask for help …. !

    You enjoy writing poems?

    • ngiuphobia
      ngiuphobia January 14, 2010 Reply

      thank you so much, never thought someone would enjoy it…..
      I made few poems and yes I think I love writing them 🙂

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