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má poupée

it’s been a while since i checked my poupée account. today when i try to login i continously get this invalid request notification . tried over and over with no result, then eventually there’s something in my mail saying that my account has been banned. what can i say? honestly i’m really dissapointed. i’ve been poupée-junkie since last year, uploaded countless images, making hundreds of friends, bunch of suteki and most importantly, collecting so many rare items in my closet. o dear, i am truly dissapointed

nevertheless, i love this stuff so much! hence i pushed my self to make one new account. sadly tho when i get to dress-up room there are barely things i can put on. hiks

so i search on the market & here’s the best i can find. i don’t have that many you know

my poupéegirl ✿miuccia✿. tomodachini naruyo~

if you already had a poupéegirl,  I would be really happy to share things about them with you 🙂


  1. APEOT
    APEOT March 9, 2010

    Dear pupe-friends,

    I just got my account locked! I have been playing on pupe since the summer of ’09 and I’ve been loving it, until they started the new jewel campaign. It got even worse when they stopped letting us post dolls! Now, since I have been posting dolls, they’ve locked my account! I’ve never done anything wrong, ever! I mean, my Pullips and my Blythe are in the Fashion Dictionary! so, as soon as you get a chance, sign the petition I started to try and get rid of jewels and let us post dolls again! They’re the dictators and we have to overthrow them! The letter goes straight to the company. There is extra space when you sign so that you can say whatever you want extra to the pupegirl company. PLEASE SIGN!

    this is the link:

    please spread this petition around as much as possible! Please help get as many signatures as possible! Thank you so much! You’re helping every pupegirl when you sign!


    From A♇EOT, with love!!

    ♅GOOD ♆ LUCK♅

    • ngiuphobia
      ngiuphobia March 9, 2010

      They’ve been making few adjustments and new rules indeed, including this jewel rules. I feel a lil’bit cranky about this too. It feels as though they’re classifying poupee into several social classes haha. I understand how you must feel. will check it out and see what I can do 🙂

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