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Love of the universe

Sssh…be quiet when the dark fall
Keep silent and hear the angels sing
Sweet loving tender
Like love of the universe

Birds all tweeting melodies
Children are singing lullabies

On a night like this
We fell in love
Holding hands together
Dancing in silence

Catching up the stars
Hoping for the light to fall
Whisper in the dark
That this is joy
Yeah..this is joy

You and I, we belong together
Moon and stars, they will shine forever
Snow would fall, but warm is how we are
Together, holding hands together
Together, we will make it through whatever

When people on earth are unify
Snow will fall but warm is how we are
And birds will fly, tweeting melodies
Children will smile, singing lullabies
And then we thought what a happy world
Whisper in silence
That this is joy
Yeah..this is joy