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long time no-see, now it’s just a slight hello :)

I’m so sorry for the lack 0f creativeness lately. i am so~ lazy haha…so what happened to the city nowadays? strangely hot air and nothing but dusty streets ^^;

Today is no exceptions…still effingly hot hot HOT! No winds blowing through my hair anymore. i kinda miss old, cold Bandung that gotten me sneezed each time i took a walk down the street at 10am. Now everything seems moving too fast, people getting too busy, the streets getting too tight.  Can we all move a little slower? feel the breeze of the air with eyes wide shut? take one simple moment to just breathe and feel what we human’s been provide to feel? i’d love that once in a while..

Despite the hot air anomaly -which said to be part of the infamous solar storm, predicted to last until 2012- Bandung is quite calm. No dramatic incident has been reported this year, good to know. And being in a hot air supposedly ain’t preventing my mom from cooking a very special dish today, crab with oyster sauce. She always made a descent meals so i’m really looking forward to it. too bad i’m fasting right now, the smells just gotten worst here ^^  If anyone -in any case- wanna know how to make a nice crab dish, just lemme know and i’ll tell you our secret ;). its quite easy though, so don’t get all disappointed once you know *giggles*

What else to say? Hmm…i dunno, maybe just me going through my grad ceremony last month, and by doing so, i’m also reviewing my makeup+veildo at Humaira Salon, plus a photo session at Papyrus & Wasabi Studio. First thing first, I get my makeup done at Humaira (IDR 80K), a muslimah salon at Jl. Padang Golf Arcamanik. First i came at approximately 06.30am where they immediately clean up my face and apply those scary stuff (i hate makeup :p) onto my face, made me feel like a lost boy in a girlbox…anyway, they finally done at 07.30am (which i think was taking too long), and start doing my veil afterward. long story short, i get my veil-do done at 08.30am, which happen to be my grad ceremony starting time. Late? Absolutely! graah….

Then i finally come to Papyrus with my sweet-friend @diniqbee. They offer me some photo-package such as family, group etc. not getting too much interested though, i’ve already took my first grad ceremony pics there and i wanna try a different ambiance for the photographs. So i choose a simple package (i forget the name, sorry..) consist of 4 different pose, max. for two persons with retouch, printout 4 @5R photos and 2 @8R photos at IDR.150K. Just took my printed-photos yesterday, quite satisfy with the result. overall i think its a nice photoshoot then. My second photo-session was with my family at our friend’s studio, Wasabi. I’ve been lurking about their photographs ever since their launching, and now i manage to take a pic there. Its a casual photo-sessions, everybody just being themselves, taken with plain-white background, sometimes with a wooden-chair. I love having our pics taken here, despite we’re actually not a camera-friendly people :p I’m pretty sure it will be a lil’ mess in the pics later, hehe. They charge about IDR200K for 5 shoots with maximum 5 persons, IDR25K/pax for add. Can’t wait until i see the result  *doki-doki chatta

Anything else? Meh, i can’t think of anything more to write, so i’ll let you with your timekiller activities now. hope to see you again soon :p