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lumbung padi & lisung

Lumbung Padi (image is courtesy of Gasol Pertanian Organik)

Lumbung Padi

Lumbung padi is a place where you keep paddies or unhusked rice before they’re made into rice that we cook everyday. Translated as rice-barn, it’s usually made from plaited bamboo or rattan. Built a meter high from the ground to prevent rats, chickens, and other threats. Designed as narrow in the lower part while wider upper to keep the inside save from rainwater,  the natural material used keep the unhusked rices smells and shapes as it’s freshly picked outta farm.

Back when our grandparents were young and villages were hip, lumbung padi or rice-barn held supplies for all the villagers. Farmers gather their harvest and keep it inside a rice-barn before finally arrange it for a month or a year supplies. Rice-barn as the vital chamber to each villages gained full-attention and protection system at the era. Aside from it’s main function as a food supply keeper, lumbung padi or rice-barn also build a natural and warm bond between the village peoples. The way it held all their supplies keep them care for one another, get used to shares and unite as a community.

Saung Lisung (image belong to Rumah Baca Buku Sunda)
Saung Lisung

The tradition then followed by another well-known tradition where all the lady villagers do this rice-pounding with several tools. One of them is lisung, often paired with alu, is a platter made from mostly strong and large wood which then made to has a hole in the middle. This hole is used to pound rice using an alu. This activity’s usually done by numbers of woman gathered in a saung lisung or lisung gazeebo. They pounding while chit-chatting and often while caring their children. Not only womens, this gazeebo attracted many youngsters and childrens too. That’s why if lumbung padi is the place to keep paddies save and are highly protected, saung lisung on the other hand is a place where villagers share their stories and socialize. Thus, make the warm bond between villagers even more persist.


Well in modern life, same principle was adopted by another saung lisung stand inside the city of Bandung. Located on the north highland area, this Lisung served more than just merely rice. They swaying even more with special sop buntut rica-rica and steaks. It’s main attraction as we know of course the glowing city view, which we can see clearly from the sofa seats placed towards the city. Last time i came to visit this place, i ought to pull my body hard from it’s cozy couch, a nicely brewed chocolate and berry tasted sheesha. Yes, they served sheesha too! Seems to me they’ve made a really nice conspiration to keep us glued longer ^^’

Lisung Resto (
Lisung Resto (

Their main course includes a special taste nasi panggang, sop buntut, steak, pizza, pasta, nasi goreng, snacks, zuppa-zuppa, salad and many others. And their beverages cover up some coffee, chocolate, juice, mocktails. With price worth the after taste and the natural ambiance they share.

Bandung city view

Anyway, they’re also updating their blog constantly for us fans. And they had a program in which we allowed to share our reunion photos if they’re held in Lisung cafe. If do so, our 8R expression will be hang in their wall. Watta nice treat isn’t it  ♥

So go and visit them now at:

Lisung Resto
Jl. Bukit Pakar Timur no.111 Dago-Bandung. Phone: +62-22-2536225
Daily open:12.00-22.00 Sat-Sunday:12.00-24.00