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Life of Pi

 – ★★★★★

I remember buying the book as soon as I read its back-cover synopsis. Not that it trigger sky-high curiosity but for the depth of the story. To me, Life of Pi is a light-read…judging from how many pages it has. But after reading it for a while, I figured page by page adding more meaning to my life. Really? that awesome?? Honestly…yes 🙂

Life of Pi is not just a novel with bunch of heartwarming  stories. Life of Pi is simple, linear, sometimes amusing..confusing…or even annoying in the way it tickles your inner-sense. But never boring. It is a story about a person’s life. That somehow related to our own life even though the story itself seems too far to our daily. Seriously, how can we relate to some kid who try to move his zoo to another country by sea, then get kaput…forced to sail in a safety boat with a tiger; a hyena; a crippled zebra and an orangutan..stranded in pacific ocean for weeks before he find himself left with only one other survivor named Richard Parker…the Tiger?!

Sounds interesting enough? Not yet, because Richard Parker is not just another tiger. In this book, you’ll gonna find how a man try to survive while preserving his faith. How Pi Patel, the boy..connect himself to Richard Parker..and in the end, does he manage to survive the stream or not. If does, how. Although the plot seems like another Cast Away story, Life of Pi is far far away from ever unexciting. Through Pi’s daily life on the boat..we learn so many things about life, about being human. Plus, Yann Martel the author add a twist in the story that make us cling to the book even after we’ve done reading.

Anyway, from the moment I finished reading it I knew Life of Pi is one book I’ll keep forever in my possession. It is special. I can still remember clearly how the story goes despite reading it almost 4 years ago. And recently I find I’m not the only one charmed by Pi. Fox 2000 Pictures and Rhythm & Hues has announced their upcoming release of Life of Pi movie with Ang Lee behind the chair. Add cutie-face Tobey Maguire to the cast (as Yann Martel) and set your calendar to November 21 for a magical adventure with Pi Patel & Richard Parker the tiger 🙂

Not sure what you’ll go through? Here’s a little peek to the movie:

I know there has been so many doubt following book adaptation. And major does fail delivering book’s vision into the screen. But I hope this one exceed my expectation, it’s Pi afterall. Go for it Ang! :p

ps. I found this while searching for Pi’s trailer. A Q&A with Yann Martel. Happy reading 🙂