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LHOR Mixtape: Our Vanilla Sky ♫

Hello…Back in 2010 I created some mix to accompany me during the swings. Mostly songs I found on Papadino’s list :p. Then I fallin love to Landon Pigg’s “Falling in Love At The Coffee Shop,” what a sweet sweet song~. So I add it to the mix. This compilation is like magical potion for a bad day. It’s always get me through the day feeling everything’s gonna be okay ♥. I called it Vanilla Sky because somehow it taste like Vanilla ice cream to my ears..Hope you enjoy it too 🙂



  1. Landon Pigg – Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop
  2. Club 8 – Blue Skies
  3. Tahiti 80 – Matters of  Time
  4. Happy End – Kaze o Atsumete
  5. Souichi Negishi – Amai Koibito
  6. Pomplamoose – La Vie en Rose
  7. Plain White T’s – Rhythm of Love
  8. Jheena Lodwick – Close to You
  9. Feist – Mushaboom

Listen to mixtape:  8tracks