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ilovekumi Website

Project Date: ETA June 2013

Back in early 2012, Me & Kiki started our new baby project called KUMI. To accompany the already established social media & Tumblr feed, we decided to build our own e-shop.

Ilovekumi is official website of Kumi Shoes. A brand for comfy, with two separate style between the girly and the earthy. Kumi rose as one of trusted local brand in Bandung, Indonesia for its limited feature and comfortable wear. I build the e-commerce website using Tumblr backend for its featherlike server. It was a fully functional e-shop with a payment gateway and full catalog.

Whereas #ilovekumi is a campaign in which everyone is welcome to post their photos wearing Kumi to Twitter or Instagram, using hashtag #ilovekumi. Each month, the most liked picture will get 30% discount on your next purchase from our web or LouBelle Shop.

Ilovekumi page was made as one part of Kumi website to show those photos. Of course, there are lots of pre-defined techniques, plugins, and services to do so, but this is different since it is home-made from my desk. One of the many benefits is…well, it’s free 😉

This aggregator, along with the shabby chic design complete the already sophisticated KUMI look. I couldn’t be more happy & satisfied with the result!

If you have a pair of Kumi, you can join ILoveKumi campaign by following steps above. Don’t forget to include #ilovekumi hashtag! Thank you~


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