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Keukeun #3 Athlete’s Feast

Remember my post about Keuken #2 last February? As planned before, Keuken #3 coming right up exactly 6 months after. At the sport holy-field of Lodaya Bandung, Sunday 30th September ’12. Still vision to Reclaim The Sreet, Keuken #3 looks more into the athlete’s part of our nature. Afterall, who doesn’t like sport? Especially in a place where food & beverage is just a step away from your sweaty feet ๐Ÿ™‚

This time, Keuken embracing various sport & athletic communities already established in Bandung. Two of them is the infamous @Indorunners team and Southeast Asia bike sharing pioneer, @bikebdg. Through this event, Keuken also attempting to re-draw awareness about the city. What and how Bandung should be. Who is it belong to. What we are able to do to reclaim our spot inside the city, that supposed to be our place to grow, feeling safe & experience life. From simply grabbing a meal & take a picnic….to slowly gather and build a community. Keuken has done more than just an eating galore. It has become something we look up to in the future. See you next 6 months, Keuken! ๐Ÿ˜€

To see what’s cooking inside Keuken #3 Hotpot, go here.ย 
To see the team behind the successful & inspiring event, take a walk here.

Oh rite, chubs said this post is lacking on many side. Obviously not explaining what I usually describe. The uniqueness of the event. Eheheh, pardon me & my poor documentation ย :p. Anyway, there are few things I note that’s stand-out from previous Keuken. Including Mazel Tov (Watta fun match!!!); Side-picnic area behind Teh Kotak Booth which also encouraging us to play some traditional sport such as Jangkungan/Egrang & Bakiak; Gaza’s Fine Dining Table; Cooking Battle and of course, more and more foodies to explore. I’m happy & my stomach is even happier!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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