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kedai kopi babun

Last last last last months ago me, @chio_ting & @flowerika went to a cozy place called kedai kopi babun. It is however, located in such a far far away area haha. Owh no, just kidding. at least not that far. If most northen area cafe located in Dago highland, this kedai is located at Jl. Mars Dirgahayu no.18 Awiligar – Cikutra, a lil’ way under. To reach the place we must go through some small road and maybe some turns before we can see a sign of “KEDAI” showing from afar. Next is just following it.

Kedai Kopi Babun resemble a regular home from the outside, but with bold ethnical ambiance. Once we step our foot to their frontyard, we can see several dining area, start from a little gazeebo to cozy foyer. Then inside there’s more and more serving space. It seems as though we can sit in almost each part of the house and  sip a bit of coffee there, which is sweet. The cafe itself adapt homy warm atmosphere. Not only it shaped like a regular home but we can also see daily utility spreading around each rooms, making it more comfortable. I don’t know if they do lives there to or it’s just merely ornaments, but I ain’t find it annoying somehow.

Since we’re looking for a place to chat and relax, we then choose the backyard area with inviting sofa. There’s a vintage dining-bell hanging on the wall, and more ethnic interior inside 🙂

My first order was Crème Café de Cookies. A blend of oreo, coffee and crème. But I can’t hold back from ordering others like chocolate mint and regular ice cappuccino. Plus a triple booster (mixed snack consist of Sausages, french fries and chicken wings).

Ain’t long before our orders showed. The afternoon wind in collaboration with a slight Bandung cityview makes my coffee sip granted an unforgettable impressions. My coffee, as it was fully blended  with cookies, still keep its signature taste. The bitter cames out of coffee blended nicely in cookies and creme sweetness. Taste stronger than NgopiDoeloe’s cookies & creme but also soft when reached the tounge. As for cappuccino, same old taste, only stronger. It can use a lil’ more sugar for you with softer sense. Chocomint? I had to admit, the thickness of it’s chocolate make me wanna sip it more more more more more and more…

How ’bout the food? well, sad to say it was so-so. And the chicken wings taste as if they didn’t cooked it well. Kinda raw and a bit smelly. Other snacks are just the same. Shame indeed 🙁

Ah anyway, I love this place. Ain’t crowded, though it didn’t provide you the best cityview in Bandung but still, nice place to go. Along with reasonable price and coffee that brew an  “Indonesia” flavor. I’d be back for sure.

Price range from IDR 7000-IDR 29000 (beverages) & IDR 12000 – IDR 27000 (foods) is what I call reasonable, isn’t it? But again, don’t forget the taxes  :p

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