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insomnia junkie

eeuwh … it’s almost five days in a row now… getting tired of  this insomnia-junkie

and it usually leads to another complex mambo jambo, like how it gets me late to the meeting or make my eyes look like a 90 years-old granny, not to mention the spinning in my head. God, find me an insomnia cure … immediately !!

heard that some treatment might fix, so I’ve tried to :

– drink hot chocolates (still insom)

– counting sheeps (myth, not working)

– eat a banana (don’t even mention it …)

– work out (sit-ups, etc) (just getting tired)

– reading college books (almost work !)

– shut the door, turn off the light, hide under the blanket (didn’t work at all, gets me fantasize though )

– watching dvd (wake me up all night ;p)

– listen to slow musics (almost make me sleep…for about 5 minutes)

– dunno else to do…

anyway, i watch MTV insomnia while waiting for my eyes to shut. like the songs, hate the show  i think it almost like the late MTV mitnite show hosts by duo vincent-desta . the way adit-surya host it kinda feel like them. and some of it feature’s also has the same athmosphere … but then again, it’s only my opinion, and i may not be right 

well … almost 2.40 a.m. now, wanna try to have some sleep .  wish me luck, sweet nite