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i’m losing yesterday

Imagine sleeping for one full day!! And nothing can really wake you up!

Well yesterday I was too dizzy to wake but most likely will ended up keeping my eyes as open as a wide window, I decided to have few tablets of CTM. a medication meant to cure allergy by cooling it down. It mentioned to caused sleepy condition. As stupid as I am, I decided one will not enough so I took about 4 tablets at once. It didn’t put me on sleep right away that I rushly think it just ain’t working. And I took another two tablets. How fool is that? Coz I just got dizzier and fell asleep a moment after. When I wake up, it’s already 2 AM the next day!!! Means I’ve slept for about 19 hours!! OMG ..

So when I wake up this morning, I feel like I’ve been missing one day in my life not knowing what happen or doing what I’m supposed to. It’s like I’m cutting off one full day from my lifespan, losing it away.  I feel like today is yesterday, I even start arranging things and calling some friends I thought I’ll be meeting (yesterday). Of course they’ve been busy calling me and asking my whereabouts yesterday … And hubby? he said he keep waking me up but nothing’s worked. He said I slept like a dead woman ^^;

Not just that it makes me the laziest mom on earth, it does cause my head spinning so much this morning, i feel a bit nausea and my stomach is hurt…I also get this annoying sleepy-eyes-look on my face as result. Then I say..owh okay, so taking down more than 2 tablets of CTM may temporarily turn you into zombie. Noted.

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