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i am happy in this world of three

Have you got a family of you own? then you must’ve understand my feelings. i got a husband, he’s such a fun person to hang with, and so is my son. he’s 6 and he loves watching anime, cartoon as well as reading manga and other stuffs. many people asks how do life after marriage goes. well i tell you this now, if we met a right person then it’s worth all the sacrifices.

I married at such a young age and many people had doubted us. i admit, we’ve got to go such a long way to arrived here. it was not easy, but nothing cost too much. in every little pain i see it leads to something nice. eventually, we set our foot in this very state, where happiness then become more than just a word.Β  then i understand when they told me getting married is the greatest happiness a person could ever run to, i know it’s true.

i just love to see them smile, laugh and even just to see them sleep. it’s very calming, comforting. like nothing can break you down. we’re such a easy-going couple. he never get too busy nagging me if i ain’t cook once in a while, or annoy me when i enjoy my time. and i don’t think it’s necessary tying him at home instead of letting himΒ  enjoy his time with his friends, or let him stay as a child once in a while. he’s cuter like that anyway πŸ™‚

many friends share things with me. mostly their fear and confusion. well i think we can’t push someone to change for us or be what we want them to be. if we can accept who they are now, we can almost go through every obstacle upfront. so if he/she is not perfect for you, just leave. imagine spending your whole life with someone you always argue or feel less with. do you really wanna be like that the rest of your life?

on the other hand, i think every couple can be perfect for each other if only they’d find their best pattern. if they know or try to find out what best to do to communicate with each other, there would be no argue needed. if they only know what daily routine fit them best, they would be happy. just like what we found recently. when we stop pursuing our idealism and start being free, free from any “family-supposed-to-be” stigma made by society, we are happy. i know the way we spend our day with simplicity and reckless are best for us. and we learned it long. after so many argument and so many fouls. but as long as we try, as long as we know he’s the right person…we’ll made it through. so when someone say love is always a journey, always an effort, i think he’s right. but let’s do it the fun way πŸ˜‰

Me and hubby shares many passions and interests. we both love arcades, consoles, mangas, animes and stuffs and we both dig for movies. at some point, he thinks i complete him, while i thought the same. He was raised with full of love around him and are an extrovert, but i was raised with severe Javanese ethic that made me a lil’ introverted. he loves drawing while i likes writing. and we both love to spend our days at home. the simplicity between us two is perfect πŸ™‚

then there comes our son…it was amazing how he then turn to be such a cute lil’ amigo πŸ™‚ at the first time, we’re more than just amazed, we were confused! we both are childish, therefore we never like children (well they tend to crash your toys and grab your manga and never return it don’t they? :p)..but his presence changes all. i learn how to deal with kids and he learn to tolerate and be patience when he saw his toys and games collection got smashed one by one πŸ˜€

anyhow, we made it so far ^^

now we spend our days in our little minimalist home, just the three of us everyday with smile πŸ™‚

we never get bored coz we had so many stories to share. so many games to play. so many meals to cook, and so many loves to give.

yesterday anip-chan got his first room. he made it together with hubs, put in all of his toys and books and dolls inside, he don’t wanna be alone he said. next, they both plan to draw pictures on its wall together. of course anip would want to make an ultraman figure. a huuuuge one! ganbatte boys!

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