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hummingbird, the bird that doesn’t hum (he’s too busy eating :p)

Last sunday is the best rainy sunday ! Why? Because that is one sunday where i spend most of my day being around friends and family. From spending the day at mom’s house, we went through the evening having dinner with mockingfam @ hummingbird cafe. One of homy cafe in town. To be honest, i’ve never been to hummingbird so this is gonna be a countable visit.
Taking first step from the main door, it’s a cozy country home feel sending me a greet. The place is bright and pastel, with hummingbirds on the wall & accessories. They even build a nice bird-nest alike as the main charm in the outdoor area. As it raining hard we choose an indoor smoking-free area. Another comfort zone in Jl. Progo No. 14.
Next, lets move a bit and grab a taste of hummingbird’s food. There’s actually a bunchie choose of food here, but some of them are limited only to breakfast time. Since it was 5 PM, our menu limited to crepes, asian cuisine, pasta & various kind of steak. So our pick goes to fish & chips, hamburg steak, oxtail soup, half baked chicken, lasagna & chicken maryland.
All of them cost around 35-45k. Lil’ bit pricey, but when it come to size, they’re actually worth the deal (as come from a huge eater like me :p). The same goes to beverages, standard price (around 12-28k) big size. The peach flavoured tea even come with bottle size & two straw as it is big enuff for two 🙂
Anyhow, we were quite satisfied with hummingbird. Only one note: they shud really put hotspot to their next agenda!







Sorry for the clumsy pics, this was posted via my phone 🙂

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