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how to train your dragon


Last Tuesday we went out watching this dragonimated movie. I never read any review about it even though a friend told me it’s a good movie. So when Papadino asked us out, I was only say “uh? okay…”. No, I’m not an animation hater. It just didn’t catch my interest that some kid trying to pet a dragon. Well, at least, I thought he was….

That is, until I get to see what How To Train Your Dragon really is. At first it all looks typical. A loser kid who wanna gain his fame through famous dragon-killing tradition. Hit a dragon, but ain’t able to kill it. So what did he do? exactly! train it.  In the end, he’ll gonna save the day with his dragon he named “Toothless”.

I was wrong. How To Train Your Dragon eventually gives you more than just classic animation story. There’s no “I realize I was wrong, please forgive me” things going on (except for the father, once), no extremly good guy/bad guy, and no overrated drama. It’s naturally fresh by the way it take us to the next level of animation-journey. Whereas we already gone through far-far away or just simply do a kick in Kungfu Panda, How To Train Your Dragon teach us about being ourselves and the meaning of friendship in a more fun, exiting way.

Ending was terrific. Though at some point we can still smell what’s gonna happen next, the execution itself or how they bring the visual as well as the story is beyond my expectations. The loser did not magically become powerful or instantly popular. He take what he deserve and try to be the best he can be. Afterall, sometimes being different does make you the only one capable of making improvement.

Some people said How To Train Your Dragon is way much better than Shrek or Kungfu Panda. My friend even said “once you watch it, you’ll want your own dragon for sure!” Well it didn’t catch me that far, but yeah it’s a wonderful-fun-happy booster movie to watch. Total cuteness in visual (just look at those dragons, they’re very cute!), and it also comes in 3D. So what are you waiting for? Go watch it, people.  🙂

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