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Last Sunday we got stuck in BSM because the movie we oughta watch’s already running off the screen. Yea we thought Shrek4’s going to last a lil’ longer than just 3 weeks or so. Okay, no problemo..Big deal is if we had to find a healthy food to fit Anipchan’s bronchitis condition. No MSG, no fries, more & more veggies. Sounds pretty much anti-mall lunch, eh?

So it takes about half an hour to figure what Anipchan should eat. That is, after we spot  Shabuking’s booth. Veggies, some mushrooms and boiled gyuuniku won’t hurt. Between tom-yam goong & garlic dashi soup, we choose the 2nd, which turns out perfect. He loves garlic 🙂   And that’s how we got addict to garlic soup haha…Few days later I try to make my own garlic soup. Try to find the recipe online but ain’t found it, then I figured Japanese never use too much spices so how hard is it to make a garlic soup anyway? Minutes later I already mixed several spices along with -what I thought- is the main ingredients, shrimp. The least is just about adding our fav veggies and stuff. When it’s ready, I dare to say it has (almost) exactly like original garlic soup, and I don’t even use real dashi. Well at least the boys said it taste as delicious as the original 😀

I never actually write down my daily menus or something, especially when it’s an ‘up-to-me’ recipe like this one. But for now I’d like to write it down just to remind me if I need it again sometime. What the boys like should remain in my note. But I won’t include measurements in it, mostly because I don’t measures all the ingredients, kinda throw everything inside the bowl :p

What I used :

Shrimps, lotsa shrimps. Peel off the skin, but don’t throw it away. Put it nicely into a pot & boil. When you think it has made a nice shrimp stock, separate skins from the stock, then sift the remains.

Garlic, finely chopped

Few Salt & Pepper

1/2 cup of Chicken Stock

Ready-to-cook Shrimpball, Crabmeatball, and all meat-base stuff you can find. If using a beef, cut it into thin slice. Best use Sirloin/Striploin (rear back to ribs no.3)

Veggies. Best use China Cabbage (sawi putih) or Mustard Green (sawi hijau). Along with any kind of mushrooms (enoki, shiitake, oyster, pinyin…anything)

White seaweed or simple konnyaku

What I did with them:

1) Leave the stock on the stove, low heat. In other pan, stir-fry garlic using vegetable-oil or olive-oil, then pour into the stock. Stir.

2) Add shrimps and meats, wait until they’re fully cooked and add veggies along with mushrooms & friends. Cook in about 7-10 minutes. Don’t let all the vitamins gone!

3) Ready to serve (easy isn’t it? ^^). Last, I serve it in a ceramic pot & pour a lil’ fried garlic on top for garnish. In Japan, they used to arrange the veggies and meats in certain arrangement and pour the stock (Hot) into the pot without cooking it again. Adding some fried garlic or chopped leek on top to make it smell more delicious 🙂

You know, it’s not really the first time I did all up2me meals. I did it quite often, with many kind of ingredients. Sometimes it went so good that I can’t even make it twice as delicious, another time, taste like disaster, hehe. But as long as the boys enjoy making meals with me or just simply becoming a taster and ain’t complaining my method, I love doing it. Especially on a sunny day like this..

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