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hello december!

haihoo there! i’m taking a break from my blog since there’s a lot of things to do. lots of work and papers to care. but hey, it’s december already. a month where birthdays & celebrations are our daily menu

so i say hello december! i’m ready for everyday celebration! haha. i’m not joking, me and my kid share the month as well as my mom-in-law and my bro. not to mention bunch of friends who are also celebrating their birth this month. i’m really happy

sometimes i wish i can see snow too on december, but i guess rainy days are more than enuff
and when the month’s over, let’s celebrate a new year! i’m gonna spend the nite with fellow designers and friends. can’t wait to play all that stuff we’ve been talking bout since last month. hence i say: happy december y’all! wish you a blissful month U(^o^)U

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