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hello again!

heee….i just realize i haven’t write verymuch lately. Been busy doing this and that, kinda even hardly meet the net….well at least i discover living offline isn’t bad at all

I gotta lotta time hanging out with my friends and family. Sharing things and another. But mostly my time’s worn out doing assignment and thesis. Now that i almost finish working on the third section, while waiting to face the all-time-fear seminar, i ought to meet you guys again. happy i am

Despite all the rush, this month is also special since it is already Ramadhan. I don’t know but i feel like the year’s been crawling so fast and i dont feel like i’ve done enough. But then i guess as a grown-up we tend to lack on time. 24 hours a day feels really short we ain’t able to do what we wanna do. Anyhow, i’m lucky i’m standing still to welcome the blessful month. Happy fasting