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Hej, Anip!

lhor-anipMy son has now start his adolescence journey. I can still remember first day we drop him off to school, he can’t let my arms go nor letting me leave his sight until school’s over. Then it happened again the next day, and days after that, until two weeks past. He would cuddle and mark his space at the corner of the class, visibly unseen. At the time, he wasn’t the bubbly chat-a-go Anip we know now…he was very quiet and cautious. Only after spending some times at his playgroup does he became so talkative. I remember when we brought him to his grandma’s house after few while, she was so surprise she told me that the quiet boy who got her worried now got her exhausted because he talk like a never-ending trains, non-stop!

By the time he finished kindergarten, he grew really close to his friends. At the graduation ceremony, he almost miss half of the opening speech because he was busy trying to find a chair for his friend who was late. I watched him from a far as he went back and fort in and out classes to find just that one chair and drag it to the stage. No, I’m not angry because it made him missed half the opening or he made it looks like he was avoiding the ceremony altogether. Or as some parents said too bad that he missed the opening just because he choose to put others before him. Well maybe they were right, but I’m happy to know my son is not the kind who will just talk and do nothing while others in need. At least I know my kid had empathy, thus he will be strong and wise, will be a man.

That boy is grown. After all this years, it’s heartwarming how we are still the same mother and son as we were few years back. We still talk to each other closely, even though he start closing up but he still share many things with me. From the girl he likes to what he feels when he start reaching puberty. We still play a lot too, the way we always do. I treat him kinda differently now because he is not a kid anymore, he take it rather fine and even talk to me more. So I can see why my mom always said no matter how old her kids become, they will always be her little kids. Touché on that, mother 🙂