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Happy Father’s Day

Being a father doesn’t mean being a superman. It is okay to don’t know things, can’t do stuff or afraid to start a step. It is okay to learn along the way, to teach your kids while learning from them.

As time goes, we learn much more by walking side by side with our kids than if we walk ahead of them. Being a father, is having that bravery to keep loving someone and be their shield even when they let you down. To keep that love burning in your eyes, when your kids hurt you inside. 

So they know they can always come home. Especially when they’re at their low. Only a father can give that ‘save’ feeling. Only you. Happy father’s day 🙂

All I can think about when I think about ‘Father’ is that man you can always count on. Who is not afraid to show their flaws then showing you their effort to improve it. That man who when you look at them, you know you feel save. Happy Father’s Day, Bapak…Happy Father’s Day, Papadino…and to all fathers out there 🙂