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Hanif’s First PBL Presentation

Anipchan, or Hanif as he rather be called, is in Junior High now. His first few months at Cendekia Muda, his now school, painted with various colours. Some dark some bright, but he grow past it and I am more than proud that this only-child mature up so well he even manage to handle his own problems. Fast-forward to this half semester, he is given a task to build a model based on his learnings. The task known as PBL (Project Based Learning), a mandatory to get a pass-card so he can take his final exam. Last month, his class visited Universitas Padjajaran to project their future self and make goals based on their study preferences. After the visit, combined with 5 months of regular class, they’re asked to build a model reflecting what they have learned and what kind of university is ideal for them.

Being a gamer, Hanif vision his university to have a gaming hall and Virtual Reality competition. He incorporated it into Medical Program in his ideal university project. He initially intended to build two-storey model, even design it full-packed with underground garden. But when he realise how much work he has to spend onto that two-storey ideal, he finally decided to make it smaller. I call it being realistic while he calls it giving up to the time available. Either way, I think he still built a very nice model in only two nights after school. No, it’s not that his school giving only limited time but because he spend too much time on his ideas, drawing his design over and over, adding this to that, playing too much into the fun part until he realise he’s losing time to build the real model. I guess it runs in the family ^^.

After the first night, I notice he won’t have enough time to hand-build all of the materials. So I help him a bit by buying few supplies from Tidar, an art store in Tjihapit area. I’ve known this store for a long time since it’s located just across my favourite book rental, TB. Hendra. So on day two, he build his model faster and finish at nearly 3 A.M in the morning. He had a short-rest, waking up at 5.15 and prepare for his presentation in the morning. PBL presentation means he has to explain everything on his model university and their connection to the subjects he learned at school. For example, he explain how an equestrian facility and auditorium building in his model university related to sport and art subjects. Alhamdulillah, he nailed it albeit with slightly shaken voice :).

hanif presentation