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Halloween Costume: Dracula Robe

This year, we’re having our first Halloween Costume Party! Usually we just spend it watching horror movies & gather with friends. Well, probably not that different….only add costumes, turntable & barbeque ;).


Week before Wednesday (10/31/12), Anipchan asked me to make him a Dracula costume. Actually it’s not his first choice because he’s designing zombie before. Yup, you heard me rite. Actually design it! But he realize zombie might be too much for his age, moreover too many accessories to put on. So Count Dracule it is. Day before Wednesday, I hand-sew his Dracula robe. Surprisingly easy & only take about an hour to make, along with wide-belt & arm-band too \(^O^)/

1. Since Anipchan grow a lil’ taller this month, I cut my fabrics following his height. About 1.25m x 1.25m, both main fabric (black) & lining (red). Then join the two and start sewing around its side, except top-side. Next, pull fabrics inside-out so the right side facing front.


2. Collar: Determine collar size by measuring distance between right & left shoulder. Draw a line in your pattern-sheet. That is your collar’s bottom. Now add 1.5-inches to each side for collar’s top, and 7-inches for its height. Anipchan’s collar eventually had 10-inches bottom-line, 7-inches tall & 13-inches top line.

Cut lining (red); main fabric (black); and interfacing following your pattern. Then stack the three in this order: black -> red -> interfacing. Sew it all together, but don’t forget to let bottom-line open. Next, pull it inside-out so the interfacing now comes between red & black fabrics.

3.  Now with red/lining facing front, attach collar into the robe. Since I want his robe to be able to wrap around his body, I crumple top-part of the robe a bit and sew it into collar’s opening. Giving a little fluff.

5. Done sewing! Now all you gotta do is put a fancy hook/snapper on its front. I use chain for extra Halloween effect :).

Tutorial in Bahasa Indonesia here !

Anipchan looks really cool in that robe! He likes it so much too, I get two kisses in return xixi. Oh, his belt & arm-band is actually really easy. Just fold some red fabrics & add elastic behind it for easy-cheesy wear 😉

lhor-halloween: the tofu oyako killer

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