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green cake & coffee

Last week I got two fliers about a cafe’s opening. There said I can get 50% discount if I bring the fliers within 25 Feb. I never really actually into cakes but since 50% is more than just worth, I asked Kiki to go with me & went anyway. Green Cake & Coffee is managed under the same company as Green Cafe & Resto, the one located at Jl. Dipenogoro, which is already my favorite :). Before I stop by the shop, I already had this presume that it will be a nice little place to hang and chat, more like a cozy hideout. Located at JL. Citarum No. 2, just right across Masjid Istiqamah (my own hideout place when I was a schoolgirl :p), Green Cake & Coffee fully describe my presumption. It is a really nice shop, with a little fleur-de-lis ambiance in it. A view from outside representing a french sidewalk cafe while going inside I immediately found a strong ‘bakery’ feel. Green Cakes & Coffee required you to order upront since they don’t provide any menu-book. I admit, ordering on-spot was hard because I never really fond to cakes & their tastes, and of course because there are so many delightful cakes to choose. Luckily their staffs were very helpful as they offered recommendation & answer my every question while not too demanding at the same time. Just nice. So we went for the familiars, one Tiramisu Delight;  a Choco von Due; a Dark Forest; Green ‘n Chocolate; the ever favorite Blueberry Cheese; Vanilla Pancake and Peuyeum Cheese Brownies plus a 26×26 Opera Cake to take home. All the small cakes cost me IDR 16000 while brownies & such tagged around IDR 45000; pancake is about IDR 26900; waffles go a little low with IDR 24 sumtin’ and the opera is about IDR 250000, all plus 10% tax.  Oh and there are also many other choices from the salty piece such as croissants and breads, starting from IDR 7900. Beverages is rather easy, a brewed cappuccino or cookies creme cost about IDR 14900 (+ 10% tax) while regular fruit tea is around IDR 10900 (+tax). A sip of any other frappes will cost you around IDR 15900-19900 (+tax). Very reasonable price for an afternoon delight, I think.

Now back to the place. After making our orders, Me & Kiki move into the next room, to the seating area. That square-shaped room is really cozy. Made of comfy sofas with red and gray color on the wall, while there’s also a tiny bit of modern touch in a mirrored wall right before the outdoor area,  a 32-inch plasma TV wrapped-up the nice interior.

All the cakes taste great! My choco von due really melt when sliced and oh that vanilla ice cream on top does give additional fondness to it. Dark forest & Blueberry Cheese went as usual, nice & smooth. Green ‘n Chocolate is rather unfamiliar with my tongue, but the tiramisu on the other hand was really nice. My Vanilla Pancake was a thin pancake filled with vanilla vla and vanilla ice cream on top. I gotta put it on credit that the pancake is really delicious. Not too sweet while also fit my stomach just right. Wonder how the waffles go..

Back home, the Peuyeum Cheese Brownies is surprisingly delicious. At first I thought the brownies is too thin, and 45 sumtin’ is rather expensive for a brownies, right? But it fits right in when I taste it, too much of the cake will give me bad aftertaste because it is so bold on both flavors. The cheese and peuyeum make a good combination in which both of its said uniqueness blend into the cake but still strong in the tongue when bitten. Three slices and I stop already hehe. As for the Opera Cake, nothing much to say. Just nice as usual. To say the least, I am satisfied with the cakes.

Next is beverage. My first order was Green Tea Frappe that nicely fit with the cakes, but I gotta admit it is too sweet for me. So when I put my second order, a Cookies Creme, I had to ask them to separate the plain syrup. I was right because even without it, their Frappe is already sweet for my taste. Well, what can I say..I’m a bitter-lover :p

Overall, I am satisfied with Green Cakes & Coffee. Will definitely come back even without those 50% discount in hands :). Of course I still have this 20% from my Bandung Card afterall :p. Dear cakes, I’ll be there again soon~

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