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goji the dino launching party report

Hola guys! took me while to make this post, and i cant even make it crispier..again blame it on the job :p

So this time i’m just gonna pretend to be the bad girl and steal two of Goji’s launching party footage videos by @eric_noah & @Loubelleshop . Nothing tells better than direct visual, no? And they did such an awe job. Thank you so much *cheers šŸ™‚

video by Noah (MUTE) & DIG
music from Side D : Mixtape by Dina (Homogenic)

more on

official video release by Lou belle
music from Milo :Ā  Zenophile

It was raining hard that day, but we’re having so much fun! especially for any one of fifty people who got TYD limited goodiebags. Since i’m dead curious, let’s see what we got…

..And finally, Goji himself! Welcome to the family, dear pet šŸ™‚

Take a fingerwalk to The Yellow Dino official website for more pic & story about the event and his other works <3

go Dino!

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