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goji the dino launching party & mini show

Wow, can’t believe it has almost 6 years after Goji was born. You know, looking like this:

He’s been growing alot since that appearance. A lot cuter, fluffier, bigger tummy even breed a younger one: the ever cute babydino. So now after all that gobblebum gobblebee, he finally comes into real hugable shape. Yep, breaking his way from 2Dimensional’s world into 3D action figure, Goji The Dino will be the first artist toy to launch by the coolest toy manufacturer in Indonesia, MyTummyToys.

For you who ever wonder what it feels like to hold Goji the way she hugs him…make your way to Goji The Dino – Launching Party & Mini Show this Saturday, March 26th 2011 at Lou Belle Shop (Jl. Setiabudhi No.56 Bandung) by 6 PM until very late (it’s a dino party!).

The event will take place in Lou Belle Shop, where Goji will nest before adopted. Goji The Dino – Launching Party & Mini Show will also bring out The Yellow Dino’s newest and finest artworks, including limited tees collaboration with Lou Belle, art pieces collaboration with UDC, Glintz, Gusto Sign and many more. A little showcase from fellow artists and crossover mixtape by Dina of Homogenic & Anto of 70s Orgasm Club, who will be spinning the decks too. Sounds fun already, eh? But hold your gasp because The Yellow Dino will also giving away 50 awesome goodie bags for whoever come early. Sstt….I shouldn’t blew the excitement but there will be free mixtape and stuff inside the limited bags. So, curious people..shall I catch you there?


click poster for more info about Saturday’s party

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