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glow in the dark dining

2 days ago @chioo & @mondododo went to a glow in the dark cafe and posted some pictures of them having their romantic moment there. As usual, I went keh-razzily intersted and we decided to go there day after.  So yesterday we step our foot in Pandorian atmosphere’s cafe located in Buton 12, easily access from Jl. Veteran. The street was empty and a bit dark, we thought we’ve taken a wrong turn. But soon later we discover a yellow-orange sign from a dutch-style home. cafe du chocolat‘s been famous since a long time for it’s special blended chocolate beverages. Formerly stood on Setiabudhi area, now they locked their foot on a calm, loner area of Buton.

At the frontyard, we can see a black cotton-fabric covering their dining area. Before we can go in and feel the breeze of Pandorian atmosphere, we’ve asked to pay for an entrance as well as ordering upfront. Entrance cost IDR25.000 valid for two, including 2 welcome drink and a snack. while food/beverage cost about IDR14.000-60.000. We decided to order a marshmallow fondue and Indonesian fried-rice (yea I’ve been starrrrrving ^^’), Each cost about IDR37.000 & IDR29.000 (prices are subject to 21% tax).

After a short payment and two G.I.D bracelets, we finally met a chance to fill our little romantic passions in a G.I.D cafe.  First step and we get utterly amazed. So romantic and full of calming ambiance with Enya singing smoothly in the air. Living room consist of 2 dining table, one with sofa and are lower than the second. Fill with linen-flower covering its ceiling, 2 giant mushrooms, few G.I.D ribbons and many many G.I.D paper-splinters on the floor. Moving forward there’s a short tunnel with furs and ribbons and stuffs. Passing it through make you feel like you’re going to some fairyland.  Then in the backyard, ’bout 8 tables ready to serve some delicious chocolates. of course, this is where the G.I.D romantic diner take place.

Ain’t long before the foods came and marshmallows keep tempting us with their fluffilicious body. So, let us have our diner while you enjoy cafe du chocolat‘s romantic ambiance we share  🙂

However, the G.I.D dining is a valentine promo. That’s why its only available ‘til end of Feb…Zannen ne~

    • ngiuphobia
      ngiuphobia May 11, 2010 Reply

      I’m really sorry for the late reply….been hold up in bed lately T^T
      if it wasn’t too late, you can send a brief email to:
      hope he’s able to help 🙂


  1. kuman
    kuman March 6, 2010 Reply

    agak pahit dilidah..haha

  2. dino muda
    dino muda March 1, 2010 Reply

    mahasiswa cocoknya sm harga nudie jeans daripada cokelat kum wkwkwk :p

    • ngiuphobia
      ngiuphobia March 1, 2010 Reply

      hahaha ada dinomuda,
      iya valentine doang…..coklat gituu, otomatis romantis hihihi

    • kuman
      kuman March 1, 2010 Reply

      hahaha..itukan cm jualin pny org, gw ngambil dkit..wkwkwk

      • ngiuphobia
        ngiuphobia March 5, 2010

        kuuum, gimana wipolnyaa? ahahahah

  3. kuman
    kuman March 1, 2010 Reply

    wkwkwk…iya udh telat nih, buat valentine doang tu..harganya kynya krg cocok sm mahasiswa.hahaha

  4. kuman
    kuman March 1, 2010 Reply

    wkwkwk..ini lg

    udh telat nih, cm buat valentine doang ternyata y…hehe

    • Yoselin
      Yoselin January 11, 2013 Reply

      I really like your blog.. very nice crloos & theme. Did you design this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. cheers

      • rena
        rena January 13, 2013

        Hello, thank you so much…
        actually you can see more about the theme in my themelog. First, I got theme SIGHT from WPSHOWER then customize it into my own web. Hope it help with your blog 🙂

  5. kumski
    kumski February 27, 2010 Reply

    wuidii mantapnyo..romantico..haha
    btw, ada binatang yg kalo disentuh muter ga tu?aha

    • ngiuphobia
      ngiuphobia February 28, 2010 Reply

      wah iyaya blm ada tu kayanya, ayo bikinin kum…seruuu ahahaha
      uda kesini beloom, hari ini terakhir lho. yo ayo mampiir 😉

  6. cafe du chocolat
    cafe du chocolat February 25, 2010 Reply

    congratulations! and thanks for share your experience in our cafe

    you just got IDR 50.000 gift voucher from us!
    (terms and conditions applied)

    just show us your ID and ask our cashier about your gift certificate! after 7 March 2010

    see u again!

    cafe du chocolat

    • ngiuphobia
      ngiuphobia February 25, 2010 Reply

      thank you so much for reading my blog & moreover thank you so~~ much for giving me the voucher

      will def come again


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