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friendships are..

ABCDEF..Friendships. One word we often say without hesitate. One word we thought cool enuff to bind 4 people into the world of fun, joy, sad, and hatred. One word to cover it all…
Until we realize there is so much more to share. So much more to bear.

Friendships are about being honest and true to our friends. No matter how hurt it might be, no matter how nasty things would be..true friends will remain strong.

Friendships are about giving our best, no matter how tired or boring we are, we will always be there when our friends need us the most.

Friendships are about caring. No true friends will walk away from a misbehaved friends without encouraging them to change. Or turn their back over a pain one should bear.

Friendships are about forgiving and accepting who our friends truly are, amend their mistakes and hold no grudge over a regretful friend.

Friendships are about trust. What kind of friends would go wander telling your secrets around?

Friendships are about being who we really are, set free and relax and stay true to our hearts.

Almost 3 years after that first met girls, and you remain my best and closest friends. Do you remember when we first met, when I thought Decil was somehow snobby or Putri is waaay too serious? Only Elza fit my presume to be all cool and easygoner ;p

So much we’ve gone through. More than just chatting over coffees at ngopi doeloe or singing crazy at Nav or even going reaaally wild at my house..More than stories about him, him and him..More than latenight chat over homework or the boy who hurt us. Much more than a saying “I Miss You Darling” each time we’re on the phone.

Some people say we’re just a bunch of spoiled girls care only about having fun. But they’re wrong. We work really hard to achieve our goal. We didn’t just go with the flow, we help each other to grow. We care about each other so much that we never bother keeping any secret because we knew none of us would make fun of each other. I love telling my deepest stories to all of you because I know you will still love me anyway. We often tease each other with bad words but we knew it’s all a joke..often being honest about each other no matter how hurt it might be. Thus our friendships help us becoming a better person. I know I’ve grown alot since 2008, and I know I can always depend on all of you whenever I am down.

And what stroke me quite hard is that you all turns out to know me better than I thought you were. When Dhecil said I am that girl who will only sit and resigned when people hurt me, she’s right. I never realized that I’m open so much to all of I usually introverted. But you revealed me, and still accept me for who I am. That makes me feel really safe around you. Thank you so much for everything you girls have given me. Thank you for being my truest friends this past 3 years and many many years to come.

Our friendships is like a dew on the hot summerday. Giving us the strength to stand tall. It is like sunshine on a dark cloudyday. Its honesty & warmth giving us the strength to move on.

So I say an easy word like “friendship” wont fit us good anymore. Because to me you are already my true heartmate. Yes, my “heartmate” forever 🙂

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