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‘facebook like’ button & free wordpress, the drama

Up til today, I am mostly happy with my WordPress feature. I mean, yes wp is definitely not as customizable as their fella blogger, but I never like too much accessories anyway so wp fit me best. Talking bout basic feature…at least wp give as much access to sharing button and to my favorite: Facebook Like button.

Prior to wp update, adding a Facebook Like button into post is as easy as a clap, all you have to do is choose between icons in [sharing] menu and just drag the chosen icon into tray. Of course, you’ll need extra work if then you would like to add Facebook Share button as well. But still, it is easy. With that few steps wp will automatically add a button on my post and I’m able to view who likes or share my post too. Some of my previous posts has had few numbers on them and I’m really grateful. Sometimes by looking at the numbers on Facebook Like button give me another reason as well as passion to write more.

And now………it’s gone.

I just realize today that my Facebook Like button is missing. I thought something went wrong on my settings or css. Or probably Facebook is playing with their coding again. Never occur to me that button will lost forever! Graaah 🙁

Not until I read wp highlight. Okay so wp did many many improvements lately. As in stat’s feature or adding fb comment and many many else. Mostly I’m happy with their update, but deciding to take that button away? Oh dear, it’s a huge disappointment really. But the show must go on…

Okay the button is gone. What option do I have? Manually configure the setting is definitely not possible because, again, I am using free WordPress (hiks, why do they always put any custom feature in premium account? TT^TT) also, waiting for wp to re-feature the button is not an option. So I run to my oldmate. Yup, Grandpa Google. He always has an answer to any question right, so did this time. As I browse the how-to, I found this techie-blog called Netty Gritty made by Sanjida Shaheed. She looks outstanding because among many other solution require CSS editing or plugins, she offered something entirely different. She gives another button.

Netty Gritty’s Facebook Like Button work like plugin, except you don’t have to install it whatsoever. All we had to do is grab a Facebook Like Bookmarklet and save it on your Firefox toolbar. Next, write & publish post as usual, except do not leave away the editing page. Then click the bookmarklet, update & view post. Voila! You have exactly the same button as before, only now it is located within the post instead of below it (see this post’s FB Like button for example) . Nonetheless, Netty Gritty solution work as a charm and super easy to use. Thank you so much Sanjida! 🙂

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