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Error Log [Updated]

After installing wordpress & customize it I’ve experienced several error due to slow connection or else. I’ll try to log all errors I’ve encountered below


WordPress 3.4 just launched and most of my installed plugins responded by releasing their upgrade version too. Including Jetpack. Just moment after I upgraded my WP, I also update this plugin. Sadly, my connection running too slow so the update got interrupted. I didnt pay too much attention, I thought it’s common and everything will work as usual once I re-update the plugin. It didn’t. Next time I opened my WP admin, it won’t start & giving me this error message instead:

php_code_error:1:/home/public_html/blog/wp-admin/menu-header.php:98:Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 122880 bytes)

I google the answer & came up with few adjustment. This is what shorted things out for me:

1) deactivating all plugins directly from cPanel. See instruction here

2) login to admin panel & activate plugin one by one to figure which plugin cause the error

3) I found Jetpack caused the error, so I go through step-1 again, login to my admin & un-install jetpack from plugins panel

4) go to cPanel again, find upgrade folder under /wp-includes directory and remove everything inside it

5) find .maintenance file under /wp-includes. Delete it

6) go back to dashboard, refresh it and re-install the called plugin. Jetpack. Now everything works fine

7) but then, another error occured. This time I don’t have time to jumble against all that odd again, so i contact my hosting provider..they fix it for me by installing previous version of wordpress, deactivating jetpack & akismet (they said this two plugins cause the prob), re-install sight theme, and another fixing job from their end. My site is back! Tq guys 🙂


{Oct 18′ 12}

Two weeks ago, I experience similar problem. My site went down in white ocean with only few “fatal error..yada yada” words. This time I suspect the WP update x (again) Jetpack. I was right. I don’t have any other steps to deal with it other than what mention above. Then I figure maybe its time to remove Jetpack for good. I admit, Jetpack has been very helpful with my site but it does consume huge space and crash a lot. Removing Jetpack means I have to add several more plugins to replace it. It’s okay, rather than losing my hair trying to fix this heartbreaking error again  🙂



{Oct 21’12}

Well today as I checked my blog, and notice two annoying errors. Not from wp, this time it came from twitter. I mean, what would you feel if your see everything works fine except a tiny bit of words saying  “tweets: no public messages”  in your supposed-to fill with loads of 140 characters of thoughts? confused!

I googled, and found nothing but tons of similar complaints. Twitter’s dev are still working on this issue and some said its because they change their timeline URL or certificate terms, but hell..we won’t know for sure. For me, as for many out long as it’s back on line, we won’t really care :p

So go twitter people, wave that magic wand & bring our timeline back *sending force*

{Nov 20’12}

Finally I got some time to jumble the twitter puzzle 🙂

So I figure twitter has renew their api & make something called widget. In which we can register & customize a twitter widget to be put in our website. In a glance it’s a very delicate feature, because we can choose any public timeline to embed. Even customize it to the extent that we can choose to show favorite tweets, list or search. This widget is very easy to set too. The only hardest part is probably when we had to write down our domains. Trick is, you don’t have to include http:// or www. to your domain. Or to make it safe, just input * to the field. I had problem writing my domain too at first since my domain usually ends with subfolder which they don’t support. But * does work 🙂

Though I said it is a very nice feature…I do have complaints. One of them being that this timeline is awfully disconnected with my whole theme design *sigh* & they hasn’t include any CSS customizing feature too. Meaning the choice is only between light/dark with boxed timeline & twitter classic follow button above. This thing really annoy me so I decided to find another solution.

After few jumping around wp-forums…I finally able to figure one. This solution also works for my library, where I only need to show one latest tweet. This solution also CSS customizable since it’s only a php snippet…nice, eh? To make it widgetable, I install PHP Code plugin which works awesome!

Then another problem comes up….I forget that I already set my whole widget to one custom CSS so any styling I made to this php widget was discharged. Oh well…probably I just had to use those chunky-widget from twitter api afterall ^^. At least until they finally listen to my bratkid’s crying voice *grin* & decide to add more styling options…I’m optimistic btw 🙂

Oh almost forgot…the old javascript you usually use to show twitter timeline has broken, but some guy from designer themes found a solution by only changing it slightly. Look at this code below:

This is your old javascript. For twitter update to show, you’ll have to change it to this:

Don’t forget to change [username] to your twitter username & count value to your desired amount of tweets. Happy coding 🙂



{Jan 07’13}

It’s been a while now since Facebook stop showing thumbnails & meta info when sharing link from WordPress. It makes some people frustrated…and tho’ my page isn’t that popular, looking at plain link in those status updates does annoy me. So I decided to find why. My first guess is Facebook change their terms again, which happens pretty often. Second guess is that WordPress get a lil’ stuck on acquiring API for Facebook. Anyway, despite jumping around many suggestions & posts regarding the subject in Google..I find simple move give better fix than complicated coding one.

What I need to do is copy-paste my link to this Facebook Debugger here. Then paste the link again in my status update. It works like charm :). So what’s the secret behind it? Sometimes Facebook crawl through our blog and put our posts to its cache. This cache prevent Facebook from re-pulling images/thumbnail from our link. In order to force Facebook to pull images from our link again, we have to clean its cache. That is why the Debugger is there. That’s it, hope it fixes your thumbnail prob too 😉