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elementary story: this two first months

Anipchan is in elementary now. Long story short, he had a normal transition between kindergarten & elementary. Having a small difficulties trying to adapt his new environment. Solitude moments, attention-seeker phase, & all that mambo-jumbo. He’s a smooth social attendance though. In the first two weeks, he already make friends from within his class to even his seniors. And just like his kindergarten time, now he also known for his devotion to Ultraman. Hence, being called Ultraman by his closest fellows.

So my fear seems a bit overrated. At first I thought his childish pampered behavior will make him rather hard making friends, or even get him all clustered, shy, or something in between. Looks like I’m underestimating my child :p

On the other hand, his home-teacher call me last month. Saying that anipchan had a severe concentration problem, having easily distracted during schooltime. Will possibly make him the last of his classmates. Well that’s not news to me. He is, however, had this strange urge to be active, playful and a bit ignorant. Needless to say, those characters need to be fixed. Shame is, anipchan is actually quite bright. If he’s not being playful, he usually say something so stunning as if it comes out of his other personality. He loves seeing new stuff, always wondering, and are able to catch up with people’s mind quickly- at least that’s what his teacher said. So basically, he had no problem understanding the lessons. Things go bad when he had to do assignments. Gotta fix that! Hope I won’t need to hear that again next semester *pray*

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