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EF: story of my life

Today, my friend @mrkumkum tweeted: “this is my story [and a link to a post]”.  As obvious, I clicked. Then voila! It was really kewl, showing a video of how my friend will become in the next decade. Such praise & accomplishment, who wouldn’t want that? :p The video featuring several footage from news, movies, etc which shows honor, compliment and/or praise to him, along with his picture & name in billboard, stage etc all over the world. Kewl, eh.

Just when the video end, there it goes…a clue of what is it about. Turns out the vid is part of EF (English First) campaign showing us a simulation of our success several years from now, if we sign up to EF. All we have to do is choose : [Buat Film Baru], then it will lead us to a form where we upload our pic and write our names. After that we will have to wait for the video to load. Don’t worry it didn’t take long in my lousy connection

I try making  my own vid. It looks exactly the same whatever your gender are. What’s changing is merely a pic of yourself, your name & city where you live. Nonetheless, this is still an awesome way of advertising your company. By simulating a successful experience from as simple step as writing “Hello, my name is [name] and this is the story of my life” in an EF class, nothing else to say: simply creative, surprisingly brilliant. Call me outdated for finding it this late. I know lotsa people out there had already now this centuries ago *shy. But hey, better late than never!

I bet you can hardly understand what I’m talking about. Since I’m just babbling my way through the last paragraph (I don’t even pay attention to my grammarish mistakes, must be bucketful! hehe), and because no words can ever describe this visual delight as better as the video itself, do see my EF’s Story of My Life video…Get ready to see your new world smartest idol

At last, they challenge you with words “Cerita apa yang akan kamu tulis”. So, what’s story are you gonna write? If you still had no clue, let EF help you haha.

Make your own version : This is my story