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Easy Fabric Pouch

I’m a big fan of pouch. But I don’t really have a nice cosmetic pouch to carry around. So I decided to sew my own pouch using scrap fabric I found at Tamim. Since I can’t use any sewing machine, I hand-sew this pouch so it’s a little messy *sob*

Anyway, it’s an easy pouch you can make in no fuss. I only need about half-hour to hand-sew this myself. So if you can use sewing machine, you can make it in a blink 🙂


First of all, I’m using the pouch will be less stiff than usual boxy one. To balance the fabric, I use felt as lining. This allow the pouch to stand as well as keeping my beauty-gadget save from bump. Additional item I’m using: brass flat-studs & faux-leather. Simple, cheap..and definitely chic !

1. Cut your fabric & lining. Remember to add extra 1cm of  fabric to wrap around your felt lining. Combine both fabrics & sew around it.

2. Fold the sewn fabrics into two, with inner side facing front. Don’t forget to measure the lid of your pouch when folding the fabrics. Sew each side of the fold, but keep the top-side open.

3. Sew diagonal line on each bottom corner as picture above. This will be your boxy-bottom side of the pouch so measure your desired pouch volume. I want it thin enough to slip inside my bag, so I sew about 2cm from the bottom. Or about 4cm in final.

easy fabric pouch

4. Turn the fabrics around. Tadaa, now you have a basic pouch! Time to roll with the lid :). I am gonna use two leather-strap as closure. But you can actually tweak anything to your liking. Even just a single fastener will do.

easy fabric pouch

5. Since I’m using flat-studs, I make a hole on the upper side of my straps. Then I make another hole where I wanna put the straps on my pouch. Next, attaching the straps to pouch. There’s a tool for attaching studs, but I don’t have one. So I’m using hammer to jam the studs into my pouch..messy messy :p

easy fabric pouch

6. That’s it! Easy, right? Anyway, I ♥ this fabric so much. Will use if for many more projects 🙂

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