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DIY Blackboard

Back in the Sale Season last August, our shoe shop Kumi was also giving away 20% discount for in-shop shopping. But what good is a discount if no one notice, right? So I’m thinking about making a small blackboard to hang on the display. At first I’m thinking big like wanna grab a pile of wood, paint it black and voila! But hey…wood ain’t gonna be one hour diy material I guess..So I ran to another option.

Yup yup, something we have already familiar with…Black manila board! Err…not actually board though, this is just a sheet of construction paper I found laying around my house. Since the sheet comes out too thin, I attached it to a duplex so it won’t curl when hung. This is the detail 🙂

What we need:

Black manila board/carton/construction paper
I also add some wood patterned sticker to make it looks like real board

What we do:

1. Cut off the manila & duplex according to your needs.

2. Glue manila on to duplex board.

3. Make 2 holes on top-right and top-left of the board. Then insert lace into the holes, make tight knot so they won’t loose.

3. Trim stickers in to about 4 cm wide, adjust the length to fit duplex’s.

4. Attach stickers on top of manila.

5. You’re done! Now it’s time to do the write 🙂

When making this board, I don’t have chalks so I’m using sewing-chalk instead. Bad choice! This make it hard to erase, luckily I only made it for the sale so I’m saved :p

Finally, this is how the board looks at the shop (Kumi’s) 🙂