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december’s chocobox log

the chocolate box filled with my wishlist or any sparkling things i found and fancy about ^o^

each month i’ll put different taste inside the box, when the month is over, i move them here, under “chocolate box archive”. and this one here is log from my december wishlist…

my december chocolate box menu:

Samsung Corby

ahahahh…now i really need to put this on my top wishlist 😀

this one, despite it’s low price is very eye-catchy. it mostly cover my needs too. i know i already got this multifunctional mate with me, but if i can grab a hand of this changable-cover corby, then i can give my pda some rest (he’s been very busy ain’t he? ). what i love the most about this gadget is that she is so thin, touchscreenated, music & office accomodate, and very very net-friendly. plus, she’s cheap but ain’t lookin’ that tawdry. i am so~ waiting for someone who’d gave me this haha..or the PRO series (with qwerty slider and high specs) maybe?

Gyakuten Kenji

Genre : (Point-and-Click) Adventure

i lo~ve Ace Attorney series so much. i’ve completed all the series before & now i’m seriously craving for this one! but hey, tagline say: “NEW Gyakuten NOT Saiban” (means new prosecutor, not attorney. LOL ). strongly indicate that the gameplay whatsoever will be different from it’s earlier series (Phoenix Wright & Apollo Justise). can be say it is an Ace Attorney spin-off.

can’t wait to play this phoenix’s bestfriend-slash-enemy character & it’s new feature!

Yakuza Moon
Yakuza Moon

saw the book at a bookstore by coincidence. got attracted by it’s outrageous cover & word “memoirs” on it’s title. i always had a thing for something ‘Japan’. this book is hard to ignore. i really wanna know what daughter of a local Yakuza boss had gone through, felt, and what decisions she had pushed to made during her life. interesting. gonna buy it as soon as i finish my thesis

Babyboss Magazine
Babyboss Art Magazine

what reason is better than having your boy on it’s cover?

SoundBar laptop speaker
SoundBar laptop speaker

in search of an ipod mini-speaker, i found this. dunno why but i want it. look tiny but powerful, easy going too. so who’s willing to bought me this?

Mari Mario Clock

find it at Etsy

The clock face is surrounded by 12 rich full color images of Mario’s evolution, from his pixelated beginning to his current human-like state. Each individual photo is acrylic encased. They really know how to make fans like me happy! but still, $25 + shipping & tax is a bit overrated for a clock to me ^^;

i made my first contact with them this very year. hubby brought him home for me (thx, hub! ) his name is Poe, a green dragon who flew off his caverns in search of his big dreams. one time, his dream is a big scoop of ice cream. but instead of flying, he prefer bus, truck ,etc. he think fly is hard, you should flap your wings around all the time! LOL. so there he is, fly by hanging on my bag everyday ^o^

i love you Poe. you brighten my days. sometimes your silly face reminds me of him too. that’s why i’ll keep you safe with me fo’evah !!

Poe & TurnyBurny. Which side do u prefer?

so far i can only hug this two ugly monster : Poe and his adopted brother, TurnyBurny. Unlike Poe, TurnyBurny is two-faced monster with blue & red colors. he has this annoying ears that swing and kinda scream “boing-boing” when moved. i like it!

uglydoll display (via Parry Games)
uglydoll action figure (via Plastic & Plush)

and they made action figures too! then i figure they had also released uglydoll totebag….saw it in Lou Belle

uglydoll bag (via their site)

hence don’t blame me for wanting the bag too! it bears the silly ugly chara and is easy-to-go (owh i wish it was made from better material ). so you won’t dither taking ’em everywhere coz it’s just wa~y so ugly!

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