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Dear Mr.Postman, Just Wanna Show You Our New Mailbox

For quite some times, I am like obsessed to anything mailed. Be it postcards, letters, mails, mailboxes…..

The latter even give me sudden idea. What it…just what if we have new mailbox at home and receive many many letters each day! Whoaaa..must be nice! But hey, who’ll send me postcards or letters?? Most relatives will just text me or better, Whatsapp in an instant :p. However I just can’t get over the idea. Until I finally construct another idea to back-up my first idea. That is to have me, Anipchan & Papadino send each other letter or whatever, check it every week, and who knows we will develop nice family habit 🙂

Didn’t take long to convince the boys into it, I even start talking Anipchan through making our mailbox together. Turns out, he is more exited than I am! He draw a sketch of how our mailbox should looks, picking his own material and help me with the process. It was such a fun projects :D. Basically, I did the measuring-cutting and assembling, while Anipchan is in charge with palette and paint. As for basic painting, Papadino spray-it done *thanks chubs ^.*


As mailbox material, we are using duplex paper which is quite strong; spray paint for basic; acrylic paint for decor; cutter and glue of any kind.

Anipchan want to make it looks like small house with chimney on top. So I make basic rectangle pattern with few modification here & there, trace it onto duplex paper then cut it following the lines. After I’m done with the shape, Papadino take it to our roof and start spraying with paint. Using spray paint hid duplex paper texture and give it a little shade of gloss around the surface.

We then let it around two days before bringing it down to Anipchan for painting. To be honest, I thought Anipchan will draw nice window, door and some decor onto the house-shaped mailbox. When its done, I am surprised to find an amusing robot-face on our mailbox! Anipchan does thinking out of the box and give it his own touch :p. At first we look at it as odd, but once we took second look at it, it actually cute and bear resemblance of Anipchan’s unique character. We turns loving it so much!

After couple of weeks, this is what’s gotten inside our mail-house

I’ve duplicated the mailbox pattern for you 🙂


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