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Konnichiwa, Monday!

I’ve been pulling myself away from the net quite often, no..i’m not happy with it. So i’m basically trying to put myself back on the track now. But there’s another story so let’s save it for later 🙂

What I wanna share now is my net-ing habit…Never realize I had this one pattern each time I’m connecting the net. My fingers just automatically type this addresses as if they’re templates in the browser. They’re fun to read in your spare times, even in your bad times..Most of ’em are local sites, built by insanely creative & fun people out there. Hail to them! Getting addicted is easy, sometimes laughing, biting the irony, being sarcastic or even completely agree. These are 3 websites I visit regularly, sometimes even before everything else hit my browser:

  • Nguping Teknologi– ever heard of Nguping Jakarta? well, this is nguping jakarta of technology 🙂
  • 9gag – fun graphic sharing site
  • Terselubung – misc facts. sometimes hoax. just do the fingerwalk on their category 🙂

and everything in between:

Hmm….I think that’s it for today. can’t really remember the rest. maybe when my fingers start self-typing again I’ll update the list :p

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