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curcol-nya seorang sherlockian

well wall well…bener kan, baru dua posting uda banyak yang protes haha. think i’ll back to my old habit. let’s write in English, folk! hehe

so ehm *cough* this time i’m gonna share my lil’ disappointment. do you know Sherlock Holmes? do you know he’s on the big screen this Dec? that classic junkie-detective is gonna make his debut on the cinema. first time I heard the news I was thrilled. I love this guy so much I’ve made myself read all of his series, even the spin-off one! I think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is keh-razzily smart! I know some people say Sherlock Holmes is too impractical, sometimes impossible. but I think that’s exactly where the power of it story resides.

The way he break those cases with his fav pipe around his mouth, his habit of spending all-days sitting on his chair and by physically doing nothing but are quick, sharp when he amazed you with his lil’ trick and telling your story just by seeing your outfit, maybe your appearance or the way you talk. even read your mind as he follow your eyes direction. Drug user, a bit skeptical, hard to understand, fairytale hater. That is Sherlock Holmes

Then back to the movie, following my excitement I watch the trailer days ago. found it a bit arguing. why? o how i dunno why but in one way or another the movie seems too bright, too much action, too happy, or i even think Robert Downey Jr. is wa~y too far from Sherlock’s nature! He is so NOT Sherlock Holmes…and secondly, Guy Ritchie’s def not a name directly pop in mind when thinking about Sherlock.

Despite the old saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, I think if I then decide to watch it anyway, it’s most likely because I am so dying to see Jude Law in that Watson suite :p

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