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Cendekia Muda Assembly Merchandise

Following end of 2012 school-year, lotsa school in my neighborhood are preparing their final assembly. With only 2 months left on the row, I imagine how much hard works they throw into. I was there once, so I’m telling you..hectic is the new hip :p

Anyway, one of well-known private school in my area also welcoming their big assembly. Following the big event, their committee asked me to make an illustration for its merchandise. Cendekia Muda is famous for their strong religious element and are consist of playgroup, elementary & junior high. The big assembly itself will cover playgroup & elementary performances. So I choose to include children figure into it. Their chosen media is childsize mug, because mug is daily usable and long-lasting. Perfect for kids, too 🙂


illustration for Cendekia Muda assembly merchandise

…..on the mug

Good luck for the big assembly !  Will catch you next school season 🙂

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