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chocolatte..have a sip

I loove chocolate..bite it naked, pour down a latte, keep it garnished..all taste yummy

but to call it a day, a hot one with marshmallow always make it!

anyway, chocolate always left a bitter:sweet anyway we have it. like my last cup of chocolatte, a chocolate pour with cream n latte.tastes sweets on first sip, leave a bitter tastes afterward. the taste i never tend to resist by any case. just like my fav word : addictive bittery.

so why do i made this blog? i hubby told me to..xixixi he felt like i’m wasting so much time wandering around while i had so much goin on my here i am now. not gonna write anything useful by the way…just wanna let you have a sip of my chocolatte…..coz like mamagump used to say, life is like a box of chocolate  ^o^

a box chocolate is also a good way to describe my blog.  there’s a piece of a flavor and a piece of another. Grab what you like and just bite!    like here in my blog you can find many unrelated things, many flavor.  some sweets…some bitter.  and I let you to grab a handfull of it,  just bite then you may leave a mark on my chocobite…err…i mean leave a comment on my blog  xixi

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