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braga festival

You know, I’m catching up with my old activities, trying to post them on time. But I had so many things to do, and reviews mostly need appropriate pictures to go with, so there there…been postponing things now. Ack…am so embarrassed >.< But you see, after the yard sale has done…And many other things been done as well, I finally have some time to run on my late posts. Although it maybe too late but I think late is always better than none, aite? *justifyingself*

Complying that, my first marathon post would be when we & Urban Jedi crew troop down the Braga Street on Braga Festival late October. It was raining, and the street is crrrowded! We have quite hard-time walking so we decided to stop at Wendy’s, grabbing a meal then continue our parade. But only slightly around Braga City Walk since like I said, crooowded! Too bad I ain’t got no time playing around the festival since it’s really hard to just walk through the street…Nevertheless, the Braga Festival walk turns out to be one great evening. Especially because Anita’s birthday surprise come about the same day 🙂

dancer @ braga festival



taking a break @ wendy's

anipchan as podracer

the dark force!

the dark force part.2

lol ^o^

anipchan y indy

spacekids vs nativekid

darth maul @ bragacitywalk



open this, do not *yoda-voice*

Urban Jedi-bragafest

There we go! Watta short post, eh? btw, can you spot me somewhere between the pictures? :p

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