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bitter! bitter! bitter!

What is this feeling inside me so gloomy and foggy
how can i see in this middle kind?
the way you treat me seems to be wrong…..the way i treat you seems to be dull
everything just fade  and our memory get lost somewhere beyond this world
either you throw it or i blow it away
however i miss the days…


now i crumble and don’t know what to do
not trying to forget nor to remember
just the way it is but still it gets me numble
how else am i gonna say this? you’re so far beyond my every thought
i would never understand, i would never get to you
scared and shifted …. scattered, shattered
you caught me up lying in this street down taking


will you ever at least show me the way to abandon this,  abandon us
reason may not be solution, but to me it still a better conclusion
discover recovery………will you get me through
or  are you just a mere clown laughing at bitter high?

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