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birthday cake for anita et cupcakes for papadino

tie-dye cupcakes

Sometimes around last October, my dearest friend Anita is having her 30th Birthday. Ah..yes, I intentionally keep her b-date unknown xixi. She has a very loving husband, who kindly asked me to bake her some surprise cake. Despite knowing my ability at baking cake is limited to probably…level 2? ^^

He said he don’t mind, as long as it’s a rainbow cake. He also said my last rainbow cake taste good…Owh, you make me fly to Alderaan :”>

Um..I don’t have that much to say tho’. Since I already write it’s recipe before..But I wanna add something. This time I make one+half recipe, then use the half to bake tie-dye cupcakes for Papadino. Because my rainbow cake using butter-cake recipe, the cupcakes ain’t come as fluffy as it should be. But it taste as good, at least that’s what they said 😉 )

anita bday cake

Her bday surprise was held at Zero Toys after Braga Festival event. It was raining and we were all worn-out for trooping around Braga street. So the bday kinda refresh us all. When the moment come, we turn all lights off..then turn our sabers on, make a saber-fence around the path to her husband who is now holding the cake. She was so~ surprised! It was one wonderful moment…Happy birthday, Anita. Wish you very very happy year 🙂

anita bday

❤    Le Petite Tie-Dye Cupcakes

lhor-tie dye cupcakes (2)

lhor-tie dye cupcakes (4)

lhor-tie dye cupcakes (3)

lhor-tie dye cupcakes (1)

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