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be strong, japan…

First time I read the news via twitter, I thought it was just another quake, which is pretty common in Japan. But as I move forward to read its magnitude, my heart start beating fast. 8.9 will cause a massive damage, no matter how prepared Japan is. Then the next update + picture hit me harder. It was a 10m high tsunami wiped everything on its way. I cant believe what I saw. Whatsmore, its like having a replay nightmare, a deja vu. From back in 2004 when a huge tsunami hit Aceh, Indonesia. We lost nearly 200.000 people then…hopefully less now.

Seeing the record of Japan quake & tsunami now, I realize they have done so many things to assure their safety. I gotta admit I kinda relief & a bit envy to see how their government were so prepared, active & care about their people. I know that quake-training was on their curriculum & their buildings were made to be as quake-proof as possible although couldnt do much when tsunami attacked. I see how Japan people were making lines and queue while waiting to be saved. I see how their government warned their people to take shelter in a higher than 4 stories buildings other than going up to the hill (which is rare perhaps) . I found it rather odd giving in Indonesia, buildings will most definitely collapse during high magnitude earthquake…Moreover, this is the earthquake & tsunami said causing Earth-plate to shift around 2.4meters. Yep, that scary 🙁

Now 2 days after the earthquake & tsunami, Japan is grieving. There are still around 10.000 people lost during the disaster. While they are also facing radiation threat from nuclear facility, electricity, water & daily supplies are affected too. Furthermore, their productivity, economy & social were also in deep fall. But I believe they will rise again soon. Japan will be the country where the sun is rising again. And so will each other country who were affected by the disaster. My deepest condolence to all Japan Earthquake-Tsunami victims. May God bless us all….

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