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Battle of The Toys 2012: Lightsaber Competition

I knoooow, shudda post this before the Braga Festival walk! But uh-oh…I can’t hold myself to post that cute Siths posing cherrybelle on the stair :”>

Therefore, this is ze Battle of the Toys 2012 memorable event. Held on September 14-15 at Senayan City Jakarta, this event is a must for toys & games lover. Tho’ a bit small compare to Hellofest or Toys Fair, two of similar event might charm loyal gamer.  Battle of the Toys didn’t fail to deliver a nice & compelling event in the middle of 2012’s beat. We were there with Urban Jedi, planning on taking the Lightsaber Competition trophy. Which divided into three categories: Spinning Battle; Choreography; and the ultimate Lightsaber Battle. On my side, Anipchan will be joining his comrade Indy in a battle choreography. They’ve been practicing for weeks, and I gotta say I hardly believe this kiddo can really master it! Hah, bad bad mom *grin*

practicing @ the backstage

We drive-off from Bandung on Sunday, using huge bus where we sat & sing together. It was really fun! As though we were on a school-trip, only hundreds more fun :). All along the way, Anipchan sit next to Indy, Dira & Dave…they all talk and talk and talk until one of them finally fall asleep. By the time we get to the event, it was almost 10 in the morning. Oh boy how we were rushed to the backstage, changing outfits & doing rehearsal. I was worried that my son will have stage fright…But turns out he didn’t. Maybe I’m the only show-phobia in the family afterall hehe.


waiting for their turn

crowd watching @ battle of the toys

one of his majesty jury, Mr. Aldo sizing up the competition

spinning battle

choreo & lightsaber battle

Long story short, Urban Jedi won almost all of the categories. From Spinning Battle, Papap Aldi (Darth Maul) came out as the winner; Om Didit got the prestigious boken-trophy from the Lightsaber Battle category; Rio-Anita won as choreo-match duo; and surprise surprise! Anipchan & Indy won the choreo-match for kids category! you go kiddo! Mommie’s so~ proud of you both 🙂

crowned the most favorite children choreo

Battle of the Toys 2012 Lightsaber Competition Champions

our two champions!

 Apart from the Lightsaber competition, I think the toys bazzar is quite amusing too. I ran to countless worthy items & fallin’ love to some Takoyaki stall on the second-floor *eh? :p

We went home at the same day, around 10 PM. And we ran to Manchio at our way out the venue. They both looks awesome together, hope I’ll get their wed invitation soon ;). Kaay, before I get too happy babbling nowhere, I’ll see you next year, toys! We sure had a lot of fun~

@ Order 66's booth

ready to go home

battle of the toys 2012

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