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axis ads

I’m so in love with this axis ads trilogy!!! each time i watch’em i laugh ’til my jaw drop XD. Their expressions are hilarious. From the chapter “Begins” : my favorite is the kid (played by Reyhan), when he’s licking that leaf. omg its heartbreaking, no? ^^. From the chapter “Reborn”: my favorite was when Guru fall asleep and the man is just ridiculously scream-hugging him, so cute….and finally in “Destiny”: i just can’t hold myself seeing the grandma’s face while saying “Mau ngucapin idul fitri tapi pulsanya abis..” mukanya Hachiko banget!! haha. Kinda remind me of my own Sundanese grandma, she usually go with the face too when asking for attention *grin*. But overall, Guru is my favorite character! from the way he look to the way he talks, really funny….tho’ his freak moment is when he shout “Ikhlas..ikhlas” while chasing off the duck & hiding from the guy in “Destiny”. Juara!!

I don’t wanna lose them, so lemme bookmark ’em here. They’re briliant! 🙂

  1. machoismo_83
    machoismo_83 October 24, 2010 Reply

    hehehe,love those ads too..
    anyway, love ur blog…

    • ngiuphobia
      ngiuphobia October 25, 2010 Reply

      ahahaha, those ads are epic!! the new one’s rather disturbing…baby with mustache?! hehe

      wow thank you for stopping by, dei-kun. err..i mean macho-kun :p

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