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anipchan vs. on-the-spot

haloo, its been a while. eh, no..not a while, its been a loooong time :p

too bad this is will be just another slight report of what he’s up to. Today he fall asleep too early, at exactly 7.20. Something he’s rarely do. So I just let him with his calming face, until a few kick-to-the-wall later….he suddenly open his eyes! Still heavily sleepy,this boy rashly ask if he missed “On The Spot” show on Trans 7. Well, of course he did..then all i know is he suddenly burst out in tears, crying in pain. like a woman losing her lover, that kind of pain 🙁

I know he loves “On The Spot”. It sums up various things and grade it from 1 to 7, quite like terselubung blog or any other unique-things-blogs in the web. I didn’t banned him from watching it because it tells him about many things on earth, and because it reminds me of a variety news I used to watch as a kid. So there he always stood by our tv at 7pm and wait until its airing. His fondness to the show is more like a housemom’s fondness to soap opera, never wanna miss any single episode! There’s a day when he actually refused to come in a trip with our fam just because he didn’t wanna missed the show, and today it crashed bigger! He can’t go back to sleep and although I try to encourage him, he still cry silently…

what a show!

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