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All This While

Bandung weather-LHORHello dear you, it’s been a while if not say too long. I don’t really know why I rarely write anymore. Of course other than being occupied in certain activities these days, done some works that are too tight on deadlines and working on conceptual office works (it’s a new year routine 🙂 ). I genuinely feel 24hrs is too short (but who doesn’t??). At most time, I feel almost guilty fallen asleep before midnight realize I had so many things to do that hadn’t done. I establish a definition of an old saying in my head: tied by time. or famously said “terikat waktu.”

Oh but no matter how good I am in fabricating reasons, I gotta admit…I’m overwhelmed with my own running schedule. After months jumping around completely unrelated projects, I concluded I have too many task and only two hands to do it all. I pushed my own writing aside despite so many things I’ve collected to blog about. Even that is not enough. I also ditch some projects for now, cut down many many relaxing time and still hasn’t done anything applause-able. My brain seems moving back and forth in a mess repertoire. While looking at the kid is even making me more sad for how many times I spent on things completely unrelated to him…I’m afraid I pushed him a little aside too.

Beyond all that, I do know things still need to be done. Hence “Chop, chop!” is my new motto. All need to work fast,!  Actually, I did some web work and getting prepared for new (quite big) opening for Kumi. Other than those two big runs, I’ve been busy doing some “getting back to you” rewards I’ve been planning about since Little House of Rena first aired in the world wide web. Other than all that, I can only say I did daily routine with my copywriting job, mommy’s job and housekeeping things. The later, as every housewives know, consuming more times than any other tasks I mentioned before . Also the most engaging & heartwarming 🙂

Few notes I need to put into action soon:

– Renewing my hosting. I know, can’t believe it’s almost a year!

– More sewing for upcoming event. Hint: 100 followers 🙂

– Going to the dentist. Ouch!

– Get a darn good carpenter…one candidate already listed

– Getting back to update here as quickly and prolific as before (as if I blog prolifically before :p)

Anyway, I hope this March filled with blessing and happy deeds. Can’t wait to see March 21st & celebrate White Day with you! Happy March everyone 🙂

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