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lovely coffee, my hideout shot

i must say, i always fond for a good sip. and my love for chocobitter reign for such a long time. but choco’s not the only one. i keep a bit of my heart for another bittertaste. The Coffee.

i should say i love the taste so bad i’ve became addicted. but then i have to admit, there’s something more below the water. or even the taste. it’s called lifestyle. most people go to the coffeeshop not to drink some coffee, especially when you can just brew one in your own house. they go to socialize. meeting people, chit-chatting or just enjoying the atmosphere.

it’s like having an afternoon tea in British culture. love the chat adore the beverage, and of course, a good one is always a bonus.

so maybe it’ll explain how starbucks rules the coffee-bussiness. they know how to make a good coffee with a welcoming atmosphere. or maybe that’s why so many coffeeshop start brewing in Paris van Java…

you know, back then when our parent’s young there’s not much to do. the mothers care the house while the fathers working. all the same routine. but time has change and here goes the urban lifestyle.

while Starbucks and Gloria Jean’s are consider mainstream label for coffeeshop. there are also lotta place for hang-ing out and drink some coffee with a lower price and cozy air.

name my favorite coffeebrewing atmosphere in Bandung:

♥ Roemah Kopi
Jl. Terusan Ranca Kendal No.9  Dago-Bandung
(022) 2512631
Open 11.00-23.00
Price Range : IDR 12.000 – IDR 30.000 (don’t forget the tax)

located in the City highland with ethnically built atmosphere, you can always feels like home, with a mountain breeze as a bonus. wooden interior plus an old ricebarn as a mushala, Roemah Kopi is proven to be good at blending, not only coffee but also environment.

what about the coffee? well obviously i haven’t taste all but my favorite menu is Queen of Coffee (a blend of cappuccino with rhum and chocolate melted). it’s a coffee-blend but keep the coffee-bitter last. while Roemah Kopi bestseller is Copacobana (chilled coffee, fresh milk, vanilla ice cream and vanilla flavour), too much white i say xixi. most exiting is Voice of Nature (chilled coffee, fresh avocado and vanilla). and of course lotta more to choose. if coffee is not really your mood, why not try their non-coffee beverage? i love their chocolate too. ow and there are also juice, and western meals if you hungry or snacks for talks

one thing, Roemah Kopi’s lasagna and burger doesn’t really fit my taste. and it’s too bad that we has to pay to use their hotspot. for a net-girl like me, that is really really dissapointing…hueee

♥ Ngopi Doeloe
Jalan Hasanudin no. 7  Bandung (Dago)
Tel. 022 2500987
Price Range : IDR 5.000 – IDR 30.000 (also keep an eye on the tax)

yup! this is the most happening coffeeshop living in Bandung area lately. located downtown Bandung with a really cozy ambiance giving it’s best shot at us,  bitter-hunter. actually here’s not the only brewing Ngopi Doeloe in Bandung. they’re also had their spot open at Jl.Purnawarman, Jl.Banda, Jl.Teuku Umar, and Jl.Sunda. but Ngopi Doeloe Hasanuddin is my favorite living atmosphere.

my all-time favorite menu is Frozen Cookies & Cream and their Martabak as a perfect mate. but while ago i take a sip on their Cappuccino Punch and me turn to like it too

since i spend so many time here with my quatro-gals, i tend to get bored at ordering the same coffee. or even ordering coffee at all. so i tried their ice chocolate (not the ‘it” taste), ice chocolate caramel (too sweet), chocolate almond latte (in my opinion, best NgopiDoeloe chocobrew), avocado juice (me love it-but without chocolate-), frozen ice tea (yaii…lopeit!), and many other….hahah.

while you can’t get a platemeal in NgopiDoeloe Banda, you can order their special menu here like Asam-asam Iga (really tasty) and Buntut Tom-Yam-Goong (my favorite)…and many others. Oh, speaking about menu…there’s something keep bothering.  i think (and it’s my opinion only) NgopiDoeloe Jl.Banda has a funnier taste on their coffee than any other NgopiDoeloe branches. kinda shame though cause it’s the closest NgopiDoeloe spot from my campus. somehow my tongue says their coffee taste sweeter and not nicely blend…hehe whatever it means

anyway, it always fun spending times here. they got a cozy hideout in backyard and front, a roomy air inside. and what me and other customers love the most : Free Wi-Fi Connection!! (supported by Speedy and Melsa Hotspot). where else you can get all-in-one coffee sipping galore? a nice coffee, a cozy ambience, and a free-net? And it all cost you less than IDR 20.000 for coffee…

♥ Jco
Glazing @ Ciwalk, BSM, BIP, Istana Plaza,PvJ
Price Range : IDR 18.000 – IDR 29.000 (prices are subject to tax)

oukai. it’s not officialy a coffeeshop. but hey, it sells coffee, and a good one too *tee-hee*

since i’m here talkin bout coffee, i’ll let the donut alone.

there’s not much to offer here at Jco of course, but still a nice way to spend your spare time drinking Frozen Cappuccino with a free Glazzy Donut and an-also-free internet connection. especially when you left alone while the girls do the shop, remember Jco mostly set place in malls.

for a non-coffee punk they have a yummy yoghurt guarantee to put your weight a bye bye hahahaha…oh and they also has that lovely Thai Tea on board.

♥ The Kedai
Jl. Surya Sumantri, just across Maranatha
(didn’t know it fixed address ;p )
open : 24/7
Price Range : IDR 4000 – IDR 70.000, (no tax…yipee!)

just open for bussiness this year, gaining that much fans already. it low price and nice environment in minimalis city tone combine with free internet connection is their deadly weapon. the poison is Der Stern coffee kiosk. i say kiosk coz this is more like a foodcourt but with a novelty atmosphere.

Der Stern sells Frappucino Oreo and White Choco Frappe. two of my favorite beverages. they also has other fashion-blend coffee, shakes and smoothies. don’t forget your snacks like pancakes and fried cassavas (recommended). all with less than IDR 20.000  to go.

beside Der Stern, there’s a fashion sushi bar too where you can try it famous California or even a Dragon Roll. d’ Java that sells Javanese food, Elven Food (what is that? xixi), Chinese Food, Batagor, Bakso and Juice Corner.

move to back there’s an online games hideout for more entertainment….but for you who praise cozyness, this place might be a little rash..hehe

but still, the coffee’s nice, the food’s not bad and the hotspot great. aaand….it’s open 24/7. so come here whenever you feel like brewing coffee in a campus sidewalk 🙂

owh, a lil’ update on this iste. they’re no longer serving coffee since last December. But you can still find many other food inside kedai and still free-hotspot area.

♥ Q Meals & Beverage
(didn’t know it fixed address too)
near Unpar, if you ride from Jl. Cihampelas then you’ll find it right after Unpar, a nice coffeeshop with cream color sign)
Price Range : IDR 7.000 – IDR 30.000 (no tax!!)

first view is a retro recycled furniture, cozy place and hotspot of course.

coffee? cappuccino’s best. fried ice cream favorite.  ung…just don’t wish for too much taste on the food

anyway, they also sells beer, teh tarik and other beverage. while i love sitting the chair, my friend usually spent his time at the bar. lovely place, low price. come and grab one taste

Coffee Toffee

Serving you @ BSM, Istana Plaza

Price Range : IDR 8000 – IDR 25.000 (no taxes!!)

Coffee Toffee is actually a booth where we can find good beverages with lower price. Just like their name, Coffee Toffee focused mainly in coffee stuff but they’re also selling tea and strawberry drinks. My favorite is Irish Coffee with cream. But you can find other tastes amusing as well. Just one note : make sure you ask them to reduce some sugar out of your coffee..sometimes they’re going overrated on that one 🙂

Other than that, nothing should really pull you back outta thi booth. And you’re ready to shop again!

Oukai. i think that’s just it for now. will definitely uploading some pictures soon and update when i reach another lovely spot  😀

Coffee Toffee

Serving you @ BSM, Istana Plaza

Price Range : IDR 8000 – IDR 25.000 (no taxes!!)


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    upnix August 26, 2009

    ngopi melulu ^^;

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