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“What Does The Fox Say?” (Ylvis)

This one is currently popular among netizen. I know, I should’ve speak about them few months back when they first hit Youtube hype button. But honestly, I never heard of them until they showed up in MNet MAMA Award 2013, last November. Ye~~~s it’s another K-Pop fancy I watch lately beside Idol Fun Club and Let Me In (ooh, their transformations always pop my eye!)

*Ehm…back to Ylvis. Actually when I literally Google them, I was searching for their full lyric because their Live Show at MAMA lost me. I even thought they speak one or two Korean in the song. Completely wrong *d’oh!
So Ylvis is a band of two Ylvis(es). Consist of Bard and Vegard Urheim Ylvisaker, brothers born in Norway. Already famous for their unique style as comedy duo, “What Does The Fox Say?” actually not the first song they made. But is definitely their ticket into fame worldwide. Made to accompany their children storybook with same title, it gave its reader (or listener) a hint on what does the fox actually say. Just sing along to know what I meant:

Well of course you don’t want to blindly mimic Ylvis’s fox words but hey, they don’t really walk that far from the animal reality! Utilizing the Fox’s hype, Animalist has also publish a youtube video where they show what fox actually sound. Surprisingly, Ylvis’s version does make sense for some part. Does it mean they did their homework? 😉

Let’s move back to where Ylvis grew. They were discovered at very young age as Norwegian performers, but found their passions in comedy act. They were famous. They have their own show, even their own studio. Ylvis take things seriously…in comedic way. So yes, I think Ylvis is genius(es) in fox’s suit :p. Other than the 316 million views Youtube hit, more recent favorites of Ylvis including “Stonehenge,” “Work It,” “Jan Egeland.” Not to mention their already famous show “I kveld med Ylvis” in their home country.

Ylvis Official Website ✿ Official Facebook Page

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