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Yard & Yarn’s First Yard Sale

Other than workshop, Yard&Yarn also organizing yard sale. Similar to the workshop, yard sale in our vision includes having Sunday fun, chat and of course, nice stuff :). I know we don’t shop a lot, but  lotsa our friends does. So we asked them to join us in our first sale. More about the yard sale can be read in Yard&Yarn’s home-site. The event was really fun! Especially coz we’re…

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Yard ‘n Yarn Halloween Craftday

Once upon a time, in a land far far away…Lives a black arachnid by the side of human village. The arachnid, despite having scary-shadowy appearance, is afraid of the giant creature he called human. Only once in a year does he is willing to show himself.  On that special night, he will slowly lower down his black thread…showing his web made up on hoops. Then carefully peek his surrounding. Only on Halloween…

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Project: Yard & Yarn

Hello again, sorry for not posting for long. Been brewing something in our yard!
This time, we’re having a collaboration with Nyanya of The Babybirds. As we share identical interest in crafting goods, our love for cozy chat and we both does have kids to care..we join in what we call Yard & Yarn, a collective project.

Our new baby can be visit at www.yardandyarn.com. And our #1 project will run this Sunday. Specially dedicated to The Mystery inc. and Addams Family, welcoming the glorius Halloween Night. Hello, October! So let’s join our Sunday DIY Bash, a trick or knit workshop for kids. This Sunday @ The Birdiehouse ☀
Since we both love to chat, you can kindly email us at hello@yardandyarn.com for further info & registration 🙂

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